On this page there are some figures and paraphernalia that I want to sell or trade.
The figure I want is this Bretonian Damsel

Next what I have to offer.  

Jes Goodwin Champions of Slaanesh 

15mm Medieval Army.

Citadel Giant Spider £10
Tom Meier? Sorcerer £4
Some unknown figures £4 
Space Marine Banners and pennants make me an offer. 
Old Skool Noise Marine £6 
Bob Olley Harpies £12 
12 Crusader Numidians £12 
Cormanti of Khorne £10 
26 Crusader various Punic era Italians and Romans with plenty of shields and pila. £25
Old Citadel Figure on the left needs stripping £4 each or £10 all 3 

Foundry Pictish Chieftain £4 
Greek Cavalry £3 
Azrael and Helmet Bearer £6 
Wizards of the cost 10 pocket pages MIB £5 
Lil' Flyin' Fokkers Gloucester Gladiator £7 

5 Foundry Pirates £5  
Casting Room Miniatures 5 Hittites £5 
Foundry 25 Biblical figures in a funky box £25 
Warlord Hittite Chariot £8

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