Monday, 5 November 2018

Didn't we have a lovely time..

The day we went to Fiasco.
I haven't posted for a while now, been busy with the day job so painting moves down the list of priorities.  Anyway, a couple of weeks ago it was my eldest daughters birthdays, who happens to live in Leeds and a couple of days later it was my birthday so despite the fact I've been try to forget my birthday for longer than I can remember we arranged to visit Leeds the following weekend for a small celebration, which as it happened coincided with Fiasco.  While my wife and two daughters hit the shops, I spent a couple of hours at Fiasco.
Now I didn't plan to buy anything particularly, as unusually for a wargamer/painter/modeler I don't like piles of unpainted stuff lying around, and I've got quite enough to be getting on with thank you very much.  I did though want a look at the Gangs of Rome figures, not necessarily buy any, just a look, especially the Flavia Graecina figure  as decent historical female figures are pretty hard to come by in any genre and I also liked the look of some of the mobs and other "civilians".
Tucked away in a corner was the Sarissa Precision stand and tucked even further into the corner was half a dozen or so Blood on the Aventine, starter box sets for the Gangs of Rome, no blister packs though as there was a Gangs of Rome event on in Derby that same day.  Ordinarily I would have taken a look and moved on, but one of the guys manning the stand came over and started chatting and surprise, surprise he remembered me from a club I used to attend 20 odd years ago.  Anyway cut a long story short I bought the box set which even I must admit is pretty good value and also a set of 3 carts for even more anti elephant shenanigans
So here they are, two embryonic gangs and a psychopathic Celt with a fearsome reputation, ready to slug it out on the streets of The Eternal City