Thursday, 6 September 2018

The Great Game, Napoleonic Nassau

As I mentioned in my last post the Ancients have been shelved temporarily as I have commited to play in  The Great Game a refight of the of The Battle of Waterloo.  The Great Game will be the biggest wargame ever played, bringing together wargamers from the UK and Europe with more than 22,000 painted 28mm miniatures.  The Great Game is a charitable event benefiting veterans and battlefield archaeology two subjects that are close to the heart of a lot of wargamers.  
When I applied to play in The Great Game I volunteered to paint some of the "less common troops" so I got team Nassau in the shape of The 1st Nassau Regiment, not one of the most glamorous formations, but essential nonetheless.  A couple of weeks ago I ordered the first batch of figures from Front Rank Figures who make the most comprehensive range of Nassau figures and I started on them a couple of days ago, below are the first two test figures on their temporary bases.

I painted the figure on the right first and I wasn't quite happy with it, so I made a couple of changes to the recipe and painted the one on the left, I was much happier with this one, so the one on the right will be going back into the line, painting line that is.  All together I have to paint 216 infantry plus 4 mounted officers for a grand total of 220 and I would also like to fit in 9 dead and wounded figures on casualty counters.

Charitable event.
For some time I have wanted to use my hobby (obsession?) of painting miniatures to raise money for charity.  To this end, I will be auctioning the figures once The Great Game has been played, with all the profits going to the charity.  I would like the auctions to end at the conclusion of the The Great Game so if anyone participating in the game buys them they can take them home after the event.  
If anyone would like to sponsor me to paint 220 miniature in 281 days or if they just want to make a donation this can be done on the Just giving page 

That's it for now