Friday, 8 June 2018

Tarantine Cavalry

I've had a few days off work this week so I took the opportunity to finish a unit of Aventine Tarantine cavalry I started before I painted the Mordheim figures.  

I've given them the rimmed pelt shields rather than the spinned pelt for no other reason than I prefer the look.  I'm going to try to finish the second Elephant today, I should be able to get it done as it's about 70% finished already.

A strange thing happened yesterday afternoon, after I'd finished painting the Tarantines, I said to my son, who's back from Uni for the summer "Fancy a game?" and to my surprise he said yes, which may or may not have been something to do with my offer of beer.  So I set the toys up on the living room floor, and we set to it with the boy (man) opting to take the Romans.

The picture above shows the state of play at the end of the 5th turn when we had to call time due to the arrival of Mrs 63 and the youngest daughter, as well as my knees were killing me by this point, (not as young... blah, blah, blah) and most importantly we'd ran out of beer.  On the right Pyrrhos at the head of his cavalry had smashed through the Roman lines, the Romans had rallied and now had him surrounded and down to his last wound.  On the left a unit of Velites had the elephant bogged down in combat for most of the game.  In the centre the Romans didn't have a lot left and the phalanx was about to hit home.
All in all it was a good game which could have gone either way.  The Romans had 2497pts and Pyrrhos had 2158pts, I didn't use the Tarantines or the soon to be completed 2nd elephant which with a bit of jigging will take Pyrrhos upto 2500pts.  Most surprisingly the boy said he also enjoyed the game and a second game may be on the cards.

Until next time, thanks for looking.