Sunday, 24 June 2018

More anti elephant shenanigans

This time the more realistic anti elephant wagon as used by the Romans against Pyrrhus at the Battle of Asculum.

In the absence of a commercially available anti elephant wagon I ordered a Wild West Wagon from Warlord Games along with the pigs.  The wagon is made from MDF and to be perfectly honest I think it's a bit to regular in appearance to be an ancient Roman wagon, now I might be underestimating the ability of Roman artisans but to my mind and ancient ox cart would have a more rustic appearance.  I stuck the scuta along the sides in order to break up the clean lines of the wagon, not to make some sort of Vikingesque land ship!  The oxen are from Irregular Miniatures, which I've had for sometime and the yoke and shaft are scratch built with plasi-card and lead wire, the off side oxen required  a bit of remodeling with a saw and green stuff in order to get a fit under the yoke.  The fire pot and gallows was once again made from plasi-card with lead foil, a push pin and green stuff.  

When it came to assembling the wagon the oxen were tiny in comparison to the wagon so I had to leave out the 2 bits of MDF that represent the suspension to reduce the height of the wagon by about 2mm and put a bit of 2mm plasi-card under the already chunky bases of the oxen, which is why they look like they are standing on a small hillock.  When it came to painting it I daubed the paint on once again trying to get a rustic look.  
The crew are Crusader Miniatures Apulian Spearmen surplus to requirement from the Roman Army and were painted as bit of an experiment in Italian tunics.  
I knew from the start that I was never going to be completely happy with the finished article, making the best of a bad job if you will, it's turned out as well as could be expected and does the job.
All together I would like 3 anti elephant wagons and I've got some ideas for scratch builds, so you never know.