Sunday, 1 April 2018

Mordheim Road Warden

As mentioned last post I cleaned up and undercoated the Road Warden along with the Freelance Knight.  As I also mentioned last time I wanted him to be a Sancho Panza to the Freelance Knight's Don Quixote.  I painted him with red and yellow trousers to tie him in with the knight, but he doesn't look Spanish (Estilian) he looks more like a Germanic Landsknecht, more of a Sancho Panzer.
I painted the figure in a couple of hours then put him on a 4th Ed GW plastic horse, but like the Freelance Knight, he was a terrible fit for the horse.  I tried him on a 7th Ed horse and the fit was much better, only problem was the 7th Ed horse towers over the 4th Ed horses, in fact it looked like a cart horse next to them, which gave me an idea.  After a bit of Googleing, I decided to paint the horse as a Percheron which is actually a good fit for a couple of reasons.  The Percheron is usually dapple grey or black and Sancho's mount (actually it's a donkey in the original story) is called Dapple, the ancestors of the modern Percheron was used as a mount by medieval French Knights.  Finally it's a cart horse, which I think is quite appropriate for the servant of an impoverished Knight.  All that remains now is to find a suitable mount for the Freelance Knight and I'll do a group shot.   

So here he is Sancho Panzer, loyal Retainer\servant\bodyguard\ mounted on Dapple.