Sunday, 8 October 2017

Pyrrhos Takes Command

Or is it?
Yesterday I finished the final figure for the Epirote army, it's one of the 2 figures in the Aventine Miniatures pack PYR31 Pyrrhus and General  It's a bit ambiguous as to which one in the pack is actually the poster boy of the Greek world as the Aventine website doesn't say which one he is and at the Battle of Heraclea our hero alledgedly switched armour with a bodyguard, who was subsequently killed.

The figure probably took me about 3 hours to paint certainly no more than 4.  All in all I'm pretty happy with the finished result, including my latest attempt to paint a decent leopard skin shabraque.

As I promised last week here are some shots of the finished Army.

Pyrrhos and his Hypaspist.  Apparently The Hypaspist were his officer cadre, so I've given all of them golden yellow cloaks with purple trim in honour of his revered ancestor Alexander.  
The name "Pyrrhos" derives from the same root as the word "pyr" and supposedly means "flame coloured hair".  I have a seen a couple references calling our Pyrrhos "The Red King", so it's reasonable to assume our Pyrrhos had ginger hair.  You can take your pick which one is Pyrrhos as they all wear impressive headgear which conveniently hides their hair, ginger or otherwise. 

A couple of shots of the army on parade. 
The infantry.  The line is extended by positioning Light troops and Hoplites between the Pike Phalanx.  Apparently a tactic used by Pyrrhos in Italy, in order to make his battle line the same length as the Roman battle line
The Cavalry, with the heavy cavalry to the fore, the glamour boys of the Epirote Army.

Over all I'm very happy with the finished army and it's been very satisfying to actually plan, assemble and complete a whole project, something I haven't done in quite a while.  There's also plenty of opportunity to add to it or even take it off in a different direction, firstly I've been in contact with Keith at Aventine regarding a couple of African elephants, as Pyrrhos got his elephants from Ptolemy II so they would have been African elephants.  Aventine are currently remaking the molds for the African elephants which should be ready in November, I've got my name down for two.  I would also like a couple more Greek phalanx, one regular and one elite, some Thessalian cavalry and some more heavy cavalry, then it's only a short hop to a Ptolemaic Egyptian army, then on to one of the most diverse ancient armies, the Seleucids, but before I get carried away with the world of the Greeks, there's the small matter of the Romans.


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