Saturday, 22 July 2017

Successor Army Update

Progress so far with the Successors and another small unit of skirmishers and the first of the Phalanx.
First up the skirmisher bowmen.

I had a go with the mini tufts after I finished these, I'm happy with the tufts but I think the bases my need something else, flock or static grass and maybe a localised ink wash.
Next up the Phalanx.

I have to admit I'm really pleased with these, they're the Tarentine Levi Phalanx.  
Finally the Skirmishers from last week, resplendent on their tufty bases.

That's about it for this week, I'll make a start on another Phalanx this weekend then unfortunately due to some short notice work commitments I'll not have a chance to paint for a fortnight.  Not to worry though, I'm still confident they'll all be done by the 18th of August.
Finally a look in the box

Half the infantry in the box done, which is about a third of what I need, you can see a part painted Scipio Africanus looking on at the top of the picture.
And by the way, I've enabled the comments again but I'm going to moderate them first.
Until next time..


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