Saturday, 22 July 2017

Successor Army Update

Progress so far with the Successors and another small unit of skirmishers and the first of the Phalanx.
First up the skirmisher bowmen.

I had a go with the mini tufts after I finished these, I'm happy with the tufts but I think the bases my need something else, flock or static grass and maybe a localised ink wash.
Next up the Phalanx.

I have to admit I'm really pleased with these, they're the Tarentine Levi Phalanx.  
Finally the Skirmishers from last week, resplendent on their tufty bases.

That's about it for this week, I'll make a start on another Phalanx this weekend then unfortunately due to some short notice work commitments I'll not have a chance to paint for a fortnight.  Not to worry though, I'm still confident they'll all be done by the 18th of August.
Finally a look in the box

Half the infantry in the box done, which is about a third of what I need, you can see a part painted Scipio Africanus looking on at the top of the picture.
And by the way, I've enabled the comments again but I'm going to moderate them first.
Until next time..


Sunday, 16 July 2017

New Army

First of all an apology, as I have disabled the comments, my good friend in Russia, who, as it happens I didn't know I had, decided that my blog needed some adverts for online casino's, so him and a bunch of his good friends saved me the trouble and spammed the comments sections.  I've removed the spam and order to prevent a further outbreak I've disabled the comments.  I'll give it a couple of months or so and maybe enable them again.
With that out of the way it's back to the business of miniature figurines...

I went through a phase between about 2000 to 2010 of mass producing armies, playing one or two games with them then putting them away.  The standard of painting was variable at best and eventually this approach became most unsatisfactory.  Around 2010 I had reassessment of what I was doing and decided I was going to go for quality not quantity and got rid of just about everything I had both, painted and unpainted apart from what I've put on this blog.  I haven't bought a new army since, until last weekend, well half an army anyway.
I have been a regular visitor to Aventine Miniatures site probably since they started and last weekend I cracked and gave them a ring.  I spoke to Keith who was most helpful and advised that I leave the cavalry for a couple of weeks as the arrival of new and improved horses is imminent, so I quickly sent an order in for some infantry.  Then I did something I should have probably done first, I looked at an army list, and my list of choice is 1st Ed WAB.
"1st Ed WAB" I hear you cry "What the ....? them there rule went out of fashion before the fall of Carthage!"
Well I have my reasons, first off I've got 2 rule books and most of the supplements including the 2 "Punic era" books "Hannibal" and "Alexander"    Also WAB is a simple game using the Warhammer system so anyone familiar with Warhammer should be able to pick it up straight away and so should anyone not familiar with Warhammer.  I've also got a Republican Roman army for WAB so I've got both sides for Pyrrhos in Italy and the Macedonian Wars, so I should be able to get a satisfactory game even from someone who hasn't played an Ancients wargame.  Finally it's an army I can make it work with any rules.
The figures arrived on Friday and I made a start pretty much straight away, the figures themselves were clean and free of flash and only a few mould lines on the odd figure.  On Saturday I based them up, primed them, cut out and fixed 59 LBMS shield transfers and then stuck on the shields.  This evening I painted the smallest and cheapest (in points value) unit, the slingers with some rock throwers mixed in.  Picture the scene if you will "The might of Rome is upon us, we have no weapons, what can we do?" says Opis.  "Quick!" says Philocharis "Throw rocks at them"
The figures are great to paint and while I'm not entirely satisfied with my brush work on the first unit I'm painting an army not individual figures and after all it's a learning process, trying for good results in the shortest possible time.  I've arranged a game for 14th of August against the Carthaginians so I'm invading Sicily with Pyrrhus circa 278 BC, so that's a month to complete the painting.  Easy peasy, these figures paint themselves.

 Figures as of today, from left to right Tarentine Levi Phalanx, Late Etruscans as Italiote Hoplites, Epirote Phalanx, with the skirmishers in front.  I also have an elephant which I haven't assembled yet.  I'm saving it for a treat!
Slingers and rock chuckers.  These actually do look better in the flesh, it's the yellow that I'm not happy with.

In the next batch I'll be getting another Levi Phalanx, Greek Cavalry, Italian Cavalry and more skirmishers.  I've also ordered a load of tufty vegetation to dress up the  bases.  So will it be finished for the 14th, I must admit that I'm confident. 


Saturday, 1 July 2017

2nd Edition Warhammer 40k

2nd Edition Warhammer 40k came out in 1993 and I got my copy on the day of release, preordered it came with a numbered certificate and a dog tag, both of which I've still have, somewhere.  Around the same time GW released the first of the 2nd Ed character models for the Blood Angels including  Commander Dante, Mephiston, Lord of Death, Captain Tycho and Brother Corbulo all of which are still available today.  Already having a massive Titan Legions Blood Angels Army I bought the figures from the Local GW on the day they were released, along with the codex Angels of Death.  2nd Ed was my favourite edition, I was playing regularly and I had some good games.  I still have some figure from then still unpainted and who knows maybe one day I'll get round to painting them, until then here's the collection with its genuine 1990's paint job.

 Commander Dante
 Mephiston, Lord of Death
 Captain Tycho
 Whats left of the 2nd Ed Army
 The Assault Squad, Tactical Marines from the box and some Terminators.
 Vehicles, Tactical Marines and a few Death Company.
 The Dreadnought on the right is from the 2nd Ed days and the intact Terminator Sergeant 
Details of the Landspeeder.

Sometime later GW released the Space Marine Bikes, Attack Bike and Ravenwing 'speeder, so naturally I had to have them.  So along with the Chaplain on the bike, they became The Ravenwing.

Detail of the Chaplains bike.

Then came Chaos in the shape of Abaddon the DespoilerFabius Bile, Ahriman and Kharn the Betrayer, while Abaddon the Despoiler and Fabius Bile are still on the GW website Ahriman and Kharn the Betrayer are not.
 Abaddon ready for a spot of Despoiling.  Fabius Bile was painted by a mate.
 His Terminator BodyGuard
And a few Black Legion

The came 3rd Ed and little warbands grew into Armies.

The Blood Angels grew and grew and eventually I had that much stuff and repainted about half of what I had and turned them into Dark Angels.

And The forces of Chaos were seduced by Khorne who got his own Army.  The Dark Angels and the Khorne Army have long gone by way of Ebay and most of what you see hasn't been out of the case for at least 15 years.  What I have left is in the photos above, probably all useless for 40k now as we now have the real scale space marines and all sorts of Chaotic spikey death on the models from the current range.  I have all the weapons, banners and bits that have fallen off over the years, so who knows maybe one day I put it all back together and re-do some of the painting.
Probably not though, as in my experience, nostalgia is better left in the past.