Saturday, 22 April 2017

Voland's Venators

The first unit of Heavy Cavalry for my Empire Army, Voland's Venators

I hesitate to call these Knights as strictly speaking they're not really knights, if the GW fluff is to be believed.
I bought these a few years ago from a guy on a forum along with a Mercenary General and just put them in the stash, they had been assembled and undercoated black.  Then about a year ago I decided to paint them.  When I examined them properly I thought that these must be snides as the detail was almost completely missing on large areas, I little concerned that I had been done, I stripped the undercoat to see what was going on underneath.  After the strip a lot of the undercoat came off but it didn't all come off and large areas were still black, so I went at them with nail polish remover and started to remove massive amounts of super glue from them.  I can honestly say I've never come across so much super glue on figures as was on these, after some considerable effort I managed to remove all the super glue and lo and behold they are the genuine article.  By then however I'd had enough of them so they went back in the stash.
A few weeks ago I got the urge to paint them, so for the second time they came out.  The riders were a joy to paint, quick and easy, the horses however were a different matter.  It was the first time I've painted the armoured horses and I found it to be a real chore, it's taken me 3 weeks, mostly due to a lack of motivation, I could find a million things to do rather than finish the horses.  Today I put in a concerted effort and got them finished and I'm very pleased with them too.
I've kept the colours pretty close to the GW originals but the feathers have been painted red, white and green to match the other DoW regiments I've painted, keeping a theme going.

 Voland himself, just look at that face!  Only a mother could love.



  1. Spectacular colors, well done!

  2. Nice unit. Worth striping off the superglue :)

  3. They look like they could grace the pages of White Dwarf, beautifully done.