Sunday, 12 March 2017

Movement Trays

I finished off the 2 movement trays for my 2 completed units of Pike.  I made them from plasi-card and textured them with sand.  Then sprayed them with a can of brown gloss enamel paint.

As you can see. the front of the trays have a lip that extends 40mm beyond the front rank of the unit, this is so the pikes don't impact onto the opposing figures in the unlikely event that they ever make it onto a table and into combat.  I could also place skirmishing or missile armed figures at the front of the unit, or to keep the unit strength consistent with the footprint of the tray pay the points for an extra 2 ranks and "count as" 36 figures instead of 24.

 Ricco's Republican Guard and Leopold's Leopard company in all their glory.

I'm currently painting another 10 Kossars with full command and I'm about to start 5 Voland's Venators including Voland and I'll post some pictures when I've finished them.


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