Saturday, 25 March 2017

Valhallan Imperial Guard

This is my Valhallan Imperial Guard Army as of today, once again not so much an army as a collection of figures.  This army started life in the mid 90's (95?) as a 2nd Ed army, 42 figures and 3 vehicles gave me a 1500pt army that while not a killer army it gave a few enjoyable games.  Over the years I added to it and did a repaint a few years ago during 7th Ed.  The Valhallans were sprayed green. the colours added and finally washed with a dark brown wash.  It's painted well enough for the tabletop but I want to return to it and "work it up".  There are a few figures that I have painted recently which are painted to higher standard that I am happy with.

The whole 9 yards.  Actually it's about 1 yard but that doesn't have the same ring to it.
The 3 figures at the front the Assassin, Priest and Commissar were not painted by me, the Assassin was painted by a mate back in the mid 90's, The Priest was bought painted from my local GW when they once sold off painted figures sometime in the 90's  The Commissar is from ebay and is destined for a Detol bath.
This is the command section and the Imperial Agents: the Grey Knights, Inquisitor, Adepta Sororitas, Ecclesiarchy, Callidus Assassin and Psykers all have their original 90,s paintwork.  The Ratlings, Commissar and Imperial advisors are recent additions.
The Assassin in the front wasn't painted by me either, but I can't remember where it came from!

As I said earlier I painted up the bulk of the army for 7th Ed games, I played about 5 games in total which all proved to be most unsatisfactory.  These games were all played against younger opponents more concerned with victory at all costs that an enjoyable event or even a tactical challenge.  Some of the more noteworthy opponents included an Space Wolf who didn't deploy anything at the start of the game but turned up on turn 2 in 6 Drop pods, actually it was 6 plastic pint glasses as he didn't have the Drop pod models and a Battle Sister with 6 Rhinos with 2 flamers in each Rhino.  In all fairness to my more competitive opponents 40K had changed dramatically from when I played 2nd and 3rd Ed and while I hesitate to call it more complicated it was certainly more detailed and I had neither the time nor the inclination to learn to play properly.  If I had I wanted to play it properly I would have probably got the Blood Angels out of the retirement home and put them in 6 pint glasses, I mean Drop pods.


Saturday, 18 March 2017

Empire Army

Back in August last year I posted here showing the progress of my WHFB Empire army, well things have moved on a little and I've painted a few more figures so here's an update of the army so far.

Calling it an army is a bit misleading as it's still just a collection of figures, but it would be playable if a little unorthodox as it's led by a couple of Vampires.  I could fluff it up by saying that the Vampires have the unit commanders enthralled and the army must keep fighting battles to provide a supply of prisoners to sustain their dark mistresses, but the truth of it is that I got a little distracted by the Deadcember challenge on the Oldhammer Forum and the Warhammer Empire forum at the end of last year along with the Napoleonic diversion last autumn so the Empire got temporarily shelved.


Sunday, 12 March 2017

Movement Trays

I finished off the 2 movement trays for my 2 completed units of Pike.  I made them from plasi-card and textured them with sand.  Then sprayed them with a can of brown gloss enamel paint.

As you can see. the front of the trays have a lip that extends 40mm beyond the front rank of the unit, this is so the pikes don't impact onto the opposing figures in the unlikely event that they ever make it onto a table and into combat.  I could also place skirmishing or missile armed figures at the front of the unit, or to keep the unit strength consistent with the footprint of the tray pay the points for an extra 2 ranks and "count as" 36 figures instead of 24.

 Ricco's Republican Guard and Leopold's Leopard company in all their glory.

I'm currently painting another 10 Kossars with full command and I'm about to start 5 Voland's Venators including Voland and I'll post some pictures when I've finished them.


Saturday, 11 March 2017

Leopard Company finished

I finished the last 6 Leopard Company this week including the lad himself.  Leopoldo di Lucci.

I'm busy spraying the movement trays for these and Ricco's Republican Guards, so I'll post some more soon