Saturday, 4 February 2017

WFB Empire Great Cannon and even more Leopard Company

First post of the year and I am starting with the Empire Great Cannon.

The model was first released in 1992.  '92 was a land mark year for the humans of the old world, this is when the Empire stopped being an eclectic mix of random anachronistic figures and became a cohesive faction with it's own recognizable identity, which was for the most part based on a period of European history known as The Italian Wars 1495-1559 with some of the more fantastic weapons and contraptions being inspired by the ideas of Leonardo da Vinci (1452 -1519)
I assembled the cannon as it was released with the solid wheels, then fixed it to a 100mm x 50mm GW chariot base and painted it to represent a 15th Century cannon, cast in bronze and mounted on a painted wooden gun carriage.

I already had an Engineer Leonardo figure painted which could act as the engineer, so all that remained was to paint the 2 crewmen.  

These are the original crewmen from '92 who could represent soldiers from the province of Averland, in truth though I got a little to caught up with actual Landsknechts  Landsknechts were combatants in The Italian Wars, so my crew are probably not as fantastic as they could be.  The figures themselves are beautiful and a joy to paint and in my humble opinion are some of the nicest figures ever produced.  I have the original engineer that came with the cannon,  I will paint it when I paint Engineer Leonardo's swivel gun.

Another 6 Leopard Company 
18 down and only another 6 to go!

That's it for now.  Thanks for looking


  1. I like the gun and crew a lot! Great to see you back at the workbench.

  2. This canonball seems to be so heavy! Wonderful job, nice colors...