Sunday, 6 November 2016

Kislev Kossars

Back to the land of the ice and snow of the midnight sun, where the hot springs flow...*
The first five Kossars which I started about 6 weeks ago, but were shelved due to the Napoleonic itch, which has been scratched, for the time being, anyway.   
As with all of my vintage GW figures, I've painted these in the classic GW livery.

The Kislevites are an anachronistic bunch of figures, which I suppose is also true of a lot of fantasy races. The Winged Lancers are a homage to the Polish Winged Hussars of the 16th-18th century, while the Kossars with their bows and axes hark back to the 15th century, around the time of the Battle of Grunwald when the Teutonic Knights allegedly called some of the Polish-Lithuanian contingent "Murderous Rustics with axes".  Murderous Rustics with axes is a scary proposition and I think that the Kossars fit the bill perfectly. 
I have 30 Kossars to paint in total and I've cleaned up the second batch ready to undercoat.  I must admit I'm not entirely happy with the paint job on these, lots of fiddly detail which took a while and a bit of repainting to work out exactly what was what but I think I've got it now so the next batch will be better.
I've also started work on Leopold's Leopard Company and I really should start work on a command group for my Dogs of War.


* Apologies to Led Zepplin for paraphrasing The Immigrant Song 


  1. Impressive work! Great color and detailing. Singly based, are these figures destined for a skirmish game? As for paraphrasing LZ, that is not unknown to the band.

    1. Miniature games, ah a fond memory.
      I've just based them on the standard 20 x 20mm GW slotta base, so the can be used singularly for something like Frostgrave or used with a movement tray for mass battles. One day I hope to use them for a game, of something.

  2. Great looking figures and good to Zep getting used in reference to your painting.

    Cheers, Ross