Sunday, 14 August 2016

Oldhammer Empire.

The army thus far...

Back in the 90's I was mostly painting 40K, but I always like the Empire figures, so I bought a few bits and pieces when I was in the local GW.  Since around 2000 I've been adding to the collection from Sales boards on forums and lately from Ebay, and there is still some room for the collection to grow.  The figures I have vary from Mint in Packaging, Virgin Metal, Stripped, Painted to be Over-Painted, painted to be stripped and damaged .  If the figure is damaged I don't use it.
In 2013 I started looking at what I had and how I was going to organise it and in 2014 I started painting.  Today I was sorting out some dedicated storage and as it was the first time that they had all been together in the same place I took a few pictures and it's shaping up nicely.

Thanks for looking