Saturday, 4 June 2016

Chinese PLA

 I've finished the Chinese PLA from Empress Miniatures I got at Vapnartak at York back in February.  These are painted as part of a Amphibious Mechanised Infantry Division and comprise a ZBD-05 Amphibious Infantry Fighting Vehicle and a squad of 20 Infantry.
I painted the ZBD in digi camo which turned into a bit of a labour of love and if anyone is thinking of painting digi camo on a vehicle I would recommend that they get an air brush!
The infantry are painted in Tibetan camo and the ZBD is painted to match.  After looking at countless pictures of PLA AFV's I conculded that the vehicles are factory painted green and any camo pattens are painted on later, presumably by the crews, this leads to variation in the colours and standard of the painting.  The stencilled numbers and red stars are from a GW Leman Russ tank and although they are maybe a little on the small side, I think they work well.

Before I stared painting I gave some consideration to painting them as UN Peace Keepers but decided against it, so I'm at a lost as to who the OPFOR could be.  If anyone has any suggestions as to who could be a plausible OPFOR I'd be grateful for the tip. 

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