Sunday, 13 March 2016

Old and new levy archers.

Four levy archers painted as a bit of an experiment using 2 shades of the same colour and an Army Painter wash on the flesh tone  Using 2 shades of the same colour speeds up the painting process and I also want to use the 2 shades of blue on some of my Egyptian chariots.  I used the wash on the flesh as I had started to paint these about 18 months ago and I had painted the flesh far too pale, which was one of the reasons they were shelved.  I could have maybe used a bit more contrast with the blues, but overall I think they've turned out okay.  I've got 6 skirmishers preped ready to undercoat which I want to paint with 2 shades of brown and the first Egyptian chariot I started a couple of months ago, so what ever I paint next I will be applying the what I've learned from painting this batch.

Four levy archers. ready to do their Lords bidding 
Hopefully a view an opponent wont be seeing!
Ranked up with the figures from 18 months ago.

I've now got around forty figures painted waiting to be based, so That's something I need to start thinking about soon.
Until next time, thanks for looking.


  1. The blue colour you used on the figures looking stunning!

  2. They look great - the blue ties them in as a unit very nicely.

  3. Once again these are looking fantastic. Blue is very nice. Shows again these to be best biblicals to date.