Sunday, 28 February 2016

Sea People II

I've completed the second 6 Sea People today, if anything these are even more ostentatious than the first 6 as the majority of these will make up the front rank.

Front view, the figure 3rd from the left is the unit leader, it was one of the first figures I prept for the army but I've only just got round to painting it.
Rear view.

History remembers almost nothing about the Sea People, so when it comes to painting them you've pretty much got a clean slate.  We know that they were pirates and mercenaries and eventually brought down many of the ancient Near East civilisations including the Hittites.  I decided early on that my Sea People were going to be showy and ostentatious, reminiscent of the 15th and 16th century Landsknechts and pirates from the 17th and 18th century golden age of Piracy.  I used a lot of (Tyrian) purple to symbolise wealth, this was either plundered from hapless peaceful citizens or bought with gold from there ill gotten gains.  I've really enjoyed painting these figures and I have another unit in horned helmets to paint, this next group does not look as flashy as this unit, so maybe I'll paint the next lot a bit plainer.  Next I'm off to the other end of the social spectrum painting some skirmishers and levy archers.  

Finally a group shot pretty much as they will appear if they ever make it onto a table.

Thanks for looking.