Saturday, 31 December 2016

More Leopard Company

I'm finishing off the year with another 6 Leopold's Leopard Company, this makes 12 painted with 12 left to paint.  These have been complete for a week or so but I've just got around to posting the photos mostly due to the annual over indulgence of the festive season.  All in all 2016 has been pretty productive so I hope I can keep up production in 2017.


Friday, 23 December 2016

Mounted Vampire

The mounted vampire that came with the foot version I'd painted for the last post.  It's mounted on a pegasus minus the wings from the old "Empire Hero on a Pegasus".  I rushed to finish the mount today as I wanted it complete before Christmas and today will be my last painting opportunity until after the holidays.  I'm entering it in the Oldhammer forum Deadcember painting Challenge, I've also found out that there's also a Deadcember Challenge on Warhammer Empire so I'll also post it there.

All that remains is to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016


A Lahmian Vampire I painted at the weekend.  I was going to enter it into the Oldhammer Forum Deadcember 2016 Painting Challenge but decided against it.  I do however plan to paint  the mounted version for the challenge.  A couple of painting firsts for me with this figure, the first vampire and the first time I've tried to paint sheer fabric.  I'm pretty happy with the way that it's turned out, but I think I can improve on the sheer fabric, and the snake looks a bit flat.

Thanks for looking

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Leopold's Leopard Company

The first 6 figures painted for The Dogs of War, Leopold's Leopard Company, these are for the rear ranks. The next batch which I'm painting at the minute are a lot "cleaner" and look better, even though they are only about 50% complete.
I've painted these the same as the Napoleonic's, white undercoat, block paint, wash, more block paint, wash, and highlight and it's not working on these figures, so for the next DoW unit I'll be taking Amy Winehouse's advice and going back to black for the undercoat.

Thanks for looking

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Kislev Kossars

Back to the land of the ice and snow of the midnight sun, where the hot springs flow...*
The first five Kossars which I started about 6 weeks ago, but were shelved due to the Napoleonic itch, which has been scratched, for the time being, anyway.   
As with all of my vintage GW figures, I've painted these in the classic GW livery.

The Kislevites are an anachronistic bunch of figures, which I suppose is also true of a lot of fantasy races. The Winged Lancers are a homage to the Polish Winged Hussars of the 16th-18th century, while the Kossars with their bows and axes hark back to the 15th century, around the time of the Battle of Grunwald when the Teutonic Knights allegedly called some of the Polish-Lithuanian contingent "Murderous Rustics with axes".  Murderous Rustics with axes is a scary proposition and I think that the Kossars fit the bill perfectly. 
I have 30 Kossars to paint in total and I've cleaned up the second batch ready to undercoat.  I must admit I'm not entirely happy with the paint job on these, lots of fiddly detail which took a while and a bit of repainting to work out exactly what was what but I think I've got it now so the next batch will be better.
I've also started work on Leopold's Leopard Company and I really should start work on a command group for my Dogs of War.


* Apologies to Led Zepplin for paraphrasing The Immigrant Song 

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Monday, 19 September 2016


I painted up a few Highlanders in full Highland dress yesterday, they are the figures in action pose from  the pack "B66 Highlander Flank Company Assorted" that I got from my trip to the Foundry shop a few weeks ago and a pre-owned mounted officer that I bought at Boarder Riever from Colonel Bill.

I've kept the remaining marching and advancing figures that were in the pack which include a Grenadier carrying an axe and sporting a magnificent moustache to serve as Grenadiers in Line Regiments I also wanted to get the figures done in a day and was a little concerned about the time it would take to paint the tartan, diced hat bands and plaid socks!  I've painted these figures as the Light Coy of 92nd Gordon Highlanders and while I think the hat bands and socks are okay, I'm not so sure about the tartan, but it's close enough for jazz.

92nd Gordon Highlanders Tartan, from Steven's Balagan Spanish and Portuguese Military History, Wargaming, and other stuff website.

I mentioned recently what the prospect of a game can do for your painting mojo, in the past month I've painted 38 foot, 1 gun and 1 mounted officer and while they are an eclectic mix, a little rough around the edges, I now have enough figures painted for the game this Thursday evening.  I had hoped to have 3 Perry Miniatures French Hussars painted as well, but due to real life commitments I doubt I'll have time to paint these before Thursday.  
Depending on how the game looks and plays I may post an AAR, but while I'm looking forward to getting the toys on the table I don't want to build it up to much.
This was the second time I've painted Napoleonic Highlanders the first lot were 15mm AB's, there's a photo of them on the 15mm archive page (picture 36 of 75) for anyone interested. 
So there it is, thanks for looking.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Foundry 95th Rifles

Some Foundry 95th Rifles.  Nice figures and easy to paint.
Once again I slapped on the paint in a selection of mid price hotels on various A roads around the North West this time.  You may have noticed that I have stepped up production lately, it's amazing what the prospect of a game can do to your productivity.  I'm back around Nottingham the week after next so it looks like another trip to Foundry is on the cards, I'll probably make a start on the Line Regiments, both British and French.


Saturday, 10 September 2016

Eagle Figures French Line Artillery

As promised yesterday Eagle Figures French Line Artillery 4lb Gun and crew.

'nough said


Friday, 9 September 2016

Napoleonic British Marines

Last weekend I spent a pleasant couple of hours at the Boarder Reiver wargames show at Gateshead, amongst the swag I brought back were 2 blisters of Perry Miniatures Napoleonic British Marines.  I've painted up 6 this week while stuck in a hotel on the A1 miles from anywhere.

This leaves 6 left to paint which I may do this week or I may paint up a pack of British Rifles from the Foundry visit.  I also bought an Eagle Miniatures French 4lb gun and crew which I hope to get painted this weekend but we'll have to see how that goes.


Sunday, 4 September 2016

Voltigeurs and Carabiniers

A few more Voltigeurs and a few Carabiniers from my trip to the Foundry shop.  Great figures and (surprisingly) easy to paint.

I've always fancied painting 28mm Napoleonic's but had always been put of by the uniforms, but they are really not that bad to paint.  I should have done this years ago.


Sunday, 28 August 2016

French Napoleonic Voltigeurs

Looks like the Kislevites have been shelved yet again 

A few weeks ago I went to the local club and got talking to an old mate and the subject of Napoleonic's came up, then as if by fate I was in Newark on Friday so I had to call in at Foundry and I got myself a few packs of Napoleonic's.  Not a massive amount a just few Voltigeurs and a few British Lights.  I painted the first pack up yesterday as a bit of a tester, just a quick job, no corner left uncut, because this project has the potential to get very big, very quickly.  
Once again it looks like the Kislevites find themselves on the back burner.


Sunday, 14 August 2016

Oldhammer Empire.

The army thus far...

Back in the 90's I was mostly painting 40K, but I always like the Empire figures, so I bought a few bits and pieces when I was in the local GW.  Since around 2000 I've been adding to the collection from Sales boards on forums and lately from Ebay, and there is still some room for the collection to grow.  The figures I have vary from Mint in Packaging, Virgin Metal, Stripped, Painted to be Over-Painted, painted to be stripped and damaged .  If the figure is damaged I don't use it.
In 2013 I started looking at what I had and how I was going to organise it and in 2014 I started painting.  Today I was sorting out some dedicated storage and as it was the first time that they had all been together in the same place I took a few pictures and it's shaping up nicely.

Thanks for looking

Monday, 8 August 2016

Ricco's Republican Guard. Finished

I completed the last of the Ricco's Republican Guard figures, bring the total up to 24.  

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Ricco's Republican Guard

In August last year I posted a tester figure for Ricco's Republican Guard, after that I got a bit distracted and only managed to paint another two figures, then they were shelved.  Rather than start another unit I thought it best to finish these first, so I painted another six yesterday, making nine in total.

 The six I painted yesterday
And the unit thus far

Only another fifteen left then it's back to the Kislevites.  Probably.

Thanks for looking

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Apophis - the Shadow of Chaos

I recently painted Apophis from Statuesque Miniatures
I tried to paint it NMM gold, not sure it worked hmmm

Thanks for looking

Sunday, 17 July 2016

More Winged Lancers

I finished the horses for the last few Winged Lancers

 And a picture with a few figures from the first unit I painted to make them up to 8

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Kislev Winged Lancers

A couple of quick photos of the first 2 of the WIP Lancer unit

As with Leonardo I've posted picturesin The Lead Adventure The Pikes, Muskets and Flouncy Shirts Painting Club Strictly speaking not a Historical Miniatures, but they are Historical Archetypes.  
A couple of solo pictures and a close up of the one with the open faced helmet, 

I was really pleased with the face of this figure, but I managed to get a spot of red paint on the end of his nose that I only noticed when I took the photos. I've touched it up and it's not as good as when he was first done, also the whites of his eyes look blue, when they are actually white, must be something to do with using the camera on my phone.


Saturday, 11 June 2016

Army of Kislev.

 I had a couple of days off work so I decided amongst other things to sort out the figures for the next army.  The army I want to paint next is an army I have been collecting for more that 25 years, an army that was never meant to be an army, but an army that almost everyone would agree is cool, literally.  Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you the often talked about but seldom seen Army of Kislev.

Unit 01.
15 Kossars with Command and Ar-Ulric to be based on Standard 20 x 20mm bases.  The Mordheim Kislevite Bear and Tamer based on a 40 x 40mm base giving a unit size of 20.
 Unit 02.
15 Kossars with Command and the Kislev Boyar to be based on Standard 20 x 20mm bases.  The Mordheim Musician Bear and Handler based on a 40 x 40mm base giving a unit size of 20.
 Unit 03
The Mordheim Kislev Warband, 12 figures which will be armed with as many black powder weapons and pole arms as I can fit in.  These will act as skirmishers or Guards for Unit 04
Unit 04
2 War wagons
Unit 05
Beorg Bearstruck and The Bearmen of Urslo.  12 including Command.  
Unit 06
10 Kislev Horse Arches with Command.
 Unit 07
12 Winged Lancers with 2 Commands
 Unit 08
5 Griffon Legion with Command.
Unit 09
Tsar Boris and his Bear
Unit 10
The Ice Queen Katarin, 3 of them
Unit 11
The Mordheim Kislev Ranger, bustin' out all over.  

I also have 6 completed Lancers and 6 WIP Lancers plus the potential to expand the army further with Dogs of War and Empire Figures.
So there it is not a particularly large army, not a big commitment and very doable at only 60 Infantry, 27 Cavalry, 5 Heroes and 2 War Wagons left to paint.