Monday, 24 August 2015

Ricco's Republican Guard

A test figure for Ricco's Republican Guard, not quite finished but you can get the idea,  I've got 24 Republican Guard plus 5 Voland's Venators and a Mercenary General on the painting table, a little intimidating after I've been painting just I few figures at a time for the Biblical's but I'm sure I'll manage.  I didn't under coat this figure, a wash on the armour some silver highlights and a second wash, then paint his feathers bandages etc, I managed to miss his chin though,  All in all I think he's turned out fine and when he's on his custom movement tray with his 23 mates they'll certainly look the business.



  1. Nice work. Good to see the old Dogs of War minis getting some paint, they're great pikemen.

    I did a Ricco's Republican Guard unit a few years back - I found them a challenge to rank up, so best of luck!

  2. He's a fine sculpt with beautiful colors, Steve. A unit of these will be quite impressive indeed.