Thursday, 13 August 2015

Biblical Army Finished!

For the time being any way!

I've decided to draw a line under the Biblical's for the time being at least, I want to concentrate more on my Oldish Hammer stuff.  I have around 100 infantry and 12 chariots painted or 50 elements, which is around what I think of as a reasonable wargames army.  I will be returning to this army in the future, I want to paint up some more Sea People and do a couple of Sea People Chariot conversions, but for the time being I need a change of subject!

The Army
and another view
 Hittite infantry
 Hittite Chariotry  
Syrian and Sea Peoples
Syrian Chariotry

Thanks for looking


  1. delightful looking army .... looks like you got the skin tones right... they all look awesome! (love the chariots)

  2. I agree lovely skin tone. You should be pleased with the army

  3. That is an outstanding army! A force to be reckoned with.
    Hittite infantry are especially well done.

    Really terrific!

  4. As always, you've done an excelent job on this biblical army, love your splendid colors...

  5. love this army. Those couple shield effects on rectangular ones really stand out in the unit. Will try that. Great choice of colours blending a show piece biblical army together with fine basing.

  6. Great work! Always a great feeling when you get to finish a project.

  7. Lovely Army, great colours!
    All the Best