Monday, 24 August 2015

Ricco's Republican Guard

A test figure for Ricco's Republican Guard, not quite finished but you can get the idea,  I've got 24 Republican Guard plus 5 Voland's Venators and a Mercenary General on the painting table, a little intimidating after I've been painting just I few figures at a time for the Biblical's but I'm sure I'll manage.  I didn't under coat this figure, a wash on the armour some silver highlights and a second wash, then paint his feathers bandages etc, I managed to miss his chin though,  All in all I think he's turned out fine and when he's on his custom movement tray with his 23 mates they'll certainly look the business.


Thursday, 13 August 2015

Biblical Army Finished!

For the time being any way!

I've decided to draw a line under the Biblical's for the time being at least, I want to concentrate more on my Oldish Hammer stuff.  I have around 100 infantry and 12 chariots painted or 50 elements, which is around what I think of as a reasonable wargames army.  I will be returning to this army in the future, I want to paint up some more Sea People and do a couple of Sea People Chariot conversions, but for the time being I need a change of subject!

The Army
and another view
 Hittite infantry
 Hittite Chariotry  
Syrian and Sea Peoples
Syrian Chariotry

Thanks for looking