Monday, 6 April 2015

Imperial Guard Regimental Advisor

I bought a set of the Imperial Guard Regimental Advisor from Ebay about a week ago, they arrived on Saturday and while the paint jobs weren't horrible, they were very badly chipped so I decided to strip them rather than over paint them.
Here are the Astropath and the Officer of the Fleet, the remaining figure, the Master of Ordinance may or may not get painted, I think he looks a bit to Cadian for my Guard army as they are Valhallan's
And for the sake of completeness here's a picture of them as they arrived, picture taken from Ebay.

And for anyone that doubts that they are Imperial Guard, I'll let General Clint have the last word.


  1. Love the figures on the first pic, great details!

  2. Nice work, Steve. Ah, a Clint figure would look great too.