Saturday, 28 February 2015

Two more Chariots

I finished a couple of chariots for the Hittite Charioteers from the last post.  These two bring the grand total of chariots to eleven, five Hittite and 6 Canaanite, this is around 2/3 of my biblical chariots painted.
Just out interest how may chariots do you think is needed in a 28mm chariot army?
Comments welcome

Thanks for looking


  1. Alright, Steve. The chariots are coming along very nicely. The crew look superb in them.

  2. Really great looking chariots! Re numbers, a lot! Half a dozen units of 2 each, perhaps? I always reckon one needs a dozen units or all kinds for an army and perhaps half might be chariots in a Bblical army.

    Best, Simon

  3. Very nice, colourful chariots just as they should be. IIRC I plan to do 10 chariots for my Canaanites, so I think between 9 and 12 depending on the ruleset.

  4. I agree with 9 to 12 and 24 or more for show piece battle. Hittites again looking good with nice colour choices.

  5. Despite wargaming for many years I'm feeling the need for two wheels! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Mike B