Saturday, 28 February 2015

Two more Chariots

I finished a couple of chariots for the Hittite Charioteers from the last post.  These two bring the grand total of chariots to eleven, five Hittite and 6 Canaanite, this is around 2/3 of my biblical chariots painted.
Just out interest how may chariots do you think is needed in a 28mm chariot army?
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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Hittite Charioteers.

A quick update with this weeks output, 6 chariot crew.  They are numbered on the bases to correspond to their chariot as I've drilled and pinned their feet drilled already.  I'll get a start on the remaining 3 cabs and 6 horses later today and maybe have the 3 chariots finished by next week.... maybe.
6 Charioteers waiting for a lift
Rear view
Close up of the eyes, I'm trying a different method for painting eyes, 
This one is a regular spear man promoted to charioteer

That's it for now.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Hittite King

I've been doing a lot less painting than usual lately, we got my son an Xbox 1 for his birthday in September and as a result I got his old Xbox 360, so I've mostly been playing Call of Duty and Far Cry.  I've now played both games to the death and I'm all Xboxed out, so back to the serious business of getting these Hittites finished.

First is the Hittite king resplendent in his silvered helmet and carrying an iron axe.
Archaeologists have found iron axe heads of Hittite origin that they believe were ceremonial or used as a badge of office, as the figure has and axe it seemed appropriate to paint it like iron.
View from the other side showing a dismounted chariot runner 
The second chariot with the 3 crew still in the cab and an Egyptian casualty on the base for effect. 
View from the other side
The armoured crew before fitting into the cab. 
It had been quite challenging to fit the 3 crew into such a small cab, but I'm happy with the results and I think it was worth the effort.  The next Hittite chariots are 2 man and will be getting the third crew man stuck on the base.

A few more spear men 
3 Chariot runners for the remaining soon to be painted chariots.  (What was I thinking when I painted the lime green cloak)

I will be making a start on the crew for the last 3 Hittite chariots later today, then there's 18 infantry and the Hittite contingent will be complete.  Then I'll start the Sea People.