Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Shassu Bedouin

A few months ago I said that I had finished with the Biblical's for the time being, well I had a bit of a reassessment, so here are the Shassu Bedouin.
I have been looking forward to painting these since I bought the army, for no particular reason other than I really like the figures.  I've also had a reassessment of my painting and I bought a set of Winsor and Newton series 7 paint brushes, pricey but I expect great things ;-)

I've started to paint another chariot, but I might shelve that and paint up a few more skirmishers or maybe start the Sea People.

Until the next instalment.  Thanks for looking. 

Monday, 24 August 2015

Ricco's Republican Guard

A test figure for Ricco's Republican Guard, not quite finished but you can get the idea,  I've got 24 Republican Guard plus 5 Voland's Venators and a Mercenary General on the painting table, a little intimidating after I've been painting just I few figures at a time for the Biblical's but I'm sure I'll manage.  I didn't under coat this figure, a wash on the armour some silver highlights and a second wash, then paint his feathers bandages etc, I managed to miss his chin though,  All in all I think he's turned out fine and when he's on his custom movement tray with his 23 mates they'll certainly look the business.


Thursday, 13 August 2015

Biblical Army Finished!

For the time being any way!

I've decided to draw a line under the Biblical's for the time being at least, I want to concentrate more on my Oldish Hammer stuff.  I have around 100 infantry and 12 chariots painted or 50 elements, which is around what I think of as a reasonable wargames army.  I will be returning to this army in the future, I want to paint up some more Sea People and do a couple of Sea People Chariot conversions, but for the time being I need a change of subject!

The Army
and another view
 Hittite infantry
 Hittite Chariotry  
Syrian and Sea Peoples
Syrian Chariotry

Thanks for looking

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Last of the Hittites

Finished at last.  Yay
Last 8 of the Hittite infantry 4 spear men, 1 skirmisher and a 3 man command.  This brings the total for the Hittite contingent to 6 chariots, 36 spear men including 6 command and 4 skirmishers.
8 Hittites on the painting bases
The infantry commander
The view from the back, just to prove I actually paint the backs.

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, 5 July 2015

More Hittites

"More Hittites" not a very original title for a post, but as the man said, it does exactly what it says on the tin.
5 more Hittites 3 spearmen, 1 standard bearer and a skirmisher.

I've now got 30 of the little guys painted I thought I would include a group shot to show progress.  Thanks for looking!

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Hittite Spearmen Redux

It's been a while since I last posted... real life... busy... job... family... you know the drill.
I've finally finished 5 more Hittites 3 spearmen, 1 trumpet player and a skirmisher, 15 left to paint then I can start on the small contingent of Sea People.

Arrayed for battle

Thanks for looking

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Master of the Ordinance

I finished the final one of the Regimental Advisers that I got from Ebay a couple of weeks ago.  The "official" GW paint job has this guy looking a bit too Cadian so I gave this one a red coat as British army uniforms are my fall back position.

So here he is, resplendent in his red coat.
And a group shot with his 2 chums.

I've bought a few Imperial Guard miniatures lately but I've only got 20 Hittites to paint and I can start getting some games in, so it'll be back to the Hittites next.


Thursday, 9 April 2015

More Guard

Some more Imperial Guard photos, these were on my blog previously but I've posted them again coz I'm getting all fire up about the Guard again!
First is an alternative colour scheme Commissar, I never like the all black uniform of the "official" look.  With his red coat and white pants and an upper lip as stiff as cardboard this guy could be British.

Next some Last Chancers and that Commissar again, honestly, he would turn up to the opening of an envelop.

Finally some Catachans with a sculpted on fur hat, and blue and white stripey vests to make them look a bit Russian sailor, so they will fit in with my Valhallans

Thank you for you indulgence 

Monday, 6 April 2015

Imperial Guard Regimental Advisor

I bought a set of the Imperial Guard Regimental Advisor from Ebay about a week ago, they arrived on Saturday and while the paint jobs weren't horrible, they were very badly chipped so I decided to strip them rather than over paint them.
Here are the Astropath and the Officer of the Fleet, the remaining figure, the Master of Ordinance may or may not get painted, I think he looks a bit to Cadian for my Guard army as they are Valhallan's
And for the sake of completeness here's a picture of them as they arrived, picture taken from Ebay.

And for anyone that doubts that they are Imperial Guard, I'll let General Clint have the last word.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

The last of the Hittite Chariots

Finished the Hittite Chariots at last, although these 2 Hittites are actually in an Egyptian style chariot.  Painting theses chariots turned into a labour of love, I remember reading on someone's blog that they could paint 25 infantry in the time it took them to paint 1 chariot, I think that this is a pretty reasonable assessment.


Saturday, 28 February 2015

Two more Chariots

I finished a couple of chariots for the Hittite Charioteers from the last post.  These two bring the grand total of chariots to eleven, five Hittite and 6 Canaanite, this is around 2/3 of my biblical chariots painted.
Just out interest how may chariots do you think is needed in a 28mm chariot army?
Comments welcome

Thanks for looking