Saturday, 1 November 2014

Medieval French

It was my birthday a few weeks ago, so I bought myself a present of a DBM Medieval French army from Museum Miniatures and set myself the challenge of painting it in one day.
Tuesday 14.10.14 Ordered the army
Thursday 16.10.14 Toys arrived
Friday 17.10.14 Cleaned it up and based it
Saturday 18.10.14 Painted it
Sunday 19.10.14 am Stuck the static grass on it
Sunday 19.10.14 pm Soundly thrashed in the first game

So here they are, they won't win any painting competitions but I'm hoping I'll win a few games.


  1. Sorry for missing this post earlier. Large force of crossbows - they should strike fear in the enemy. I know I'm always intimidated by missile troops.

  2. Hi there Steve, I'm extremely late to post a message here... love this army a lot of "fire power" and you completed it within 5 days! amazing...