Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Hittite Chariot

Following on from my earlier Hittite Chariot WIP, I can now present the (almost) finished article, complete with the promised Egyptian casualty on the base.

Observant readers will no doubt have noticed that I haven't painted the spear points, this was an over sight on my part, Doh! and it hasn't been based yet.  If you care to take a look at my earlier posts showing figures that I have based, you'll notice that no two batches are the same.  This is because I can never remember what colours I've painted them! so what I'm going to do is paint up all the figures then base them all together.

A shot of the painted chariot before assembly.

And finally a few dead and injured Egyptians, the guys are suffering blunt force trauma, mostly because I don't like painting on blood.

Next it's going to be a few more spear men, then I'm going to have a big push on getting all of the Hittite chariots finished.



  1. Another great job, love the colors!

  2. Chariot and casualties look superb.

  3. Fantanstic work on these. The horse cloth is very impressive and will stand out from distance. Will have to copy that effect.
    Army is really looking great. These Foundry are still very hard to beat for quality and depth of range.