Sunday, 28 September 2014

Death Guard

I took this picture yesterday of a Nurgle Chaos Marine that I bought from ebay a few years ago.

After a new coat of paint, I didn't bother stripping him, here he is today.

I've painted him up as a member of the Death Guard and tried to keep the style a bit Old Skool as befits the figure.
Thanks for looking.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

More Hittite Spear men

Another 6 spear men to swell the ranks.
Sorry for the poor picture quality, I think that improving my photography could be a project for the winter.

Thanks for looking

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Hittite Chariot

Following on from my earlier Hittite Chariot WIP, I can now present the (almost) finished article, complete with the promised Egyptian casualty on the base.

Observant readers will no doubt have noticed that I haven't painted the spear points, this was an over sight on my part, Doh! and it hasn't been based yet.  If you care to take a look at my earlier posts showing figures that I have based, you'll notice that no two batches are the same.  This is because I can never remember what colours I've painted them! so what I'm going to do is paint up all the figures then base them all together.

A shot of the painted chariot before assembly.

And finally a few dead and injured Egyptians, the guys are suffering blunt force trauma, mostly because I don't like painting on blood.

Next it's going to be a few more spear men, then I'm going to have a big push on getting all of the Hittite chariots finished.