Sunday, 31 August 2014

Canaanite Contingent

On the 1st of September 2013 I posted the picture below showing everything I had painted for the Biblical army up to that date.  

Well it's been a whole year since I first posted that picture so I thought I would post another picture showing the work in progress as of today 31st August 2014.

As you can see the army has grown to almost 3 times the size of what it was, so while there has been progress, it has been slow, but on the positive I think that the standard of painting has improved considerably, my colour selection has got significantly better and as I have become more fimiliar with the subject I am painting a bit quicker.  
I have also painted up some old GW Empire miniatures for my Oldhammer army and if I had concentrated on the Biblical's I might have had enough figures painted to get a game in.  The plan for the coming year is simple, finish the Biblical's, then paint The Empire.

Thank you for your indulgence.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Hittite Chariot WIP

Just a quick update with a WIP of the first Hittite Chariot.  The horses are finished and the cab is mostly complete.  I've also cleaned up and assembled a couple of other chariots and some Egyptian casualties to decorate the bases.  So there has been a bit of progress, just not much to show ;0)

 Chariot and horses (mostly finished) 

That's it for this instalment I'm afraid more to follow shortly...
Honest Guvnor 

Thursday, 7 August 2014

More Hittite Infantry

Another 6 Hittite spear men, I'm trying to keep them the same but different, these 6 have pale blue robes instead of the pale green and they actually look okay when they are all ranked up together with the greens.  I also tried a bit harder with the eyes and I think that they look better, still not great, but an improvement on the last 6.
Next I'm painting the first of the Hittite chariots, which I'm looking forward to, so much so I might even start it tonight.