Sunday, 27 July 2014


After spending a year in the land of Canaan I finally moved to Ancient Anatolia, the land of the Hittites.
When I first decided to collect a Biblical period army in 28mm it was the Hittites that first drew me in and not just because the minis have a hair line like mine!
I have painted the first 6 spear men in a week or so which is pretty quick for me but I'm not quite sure that they work, I wanted them to look completely different to the Canaanites, I also wanted them to look quite austere as befitting the harsh conditions of their homeland and their strict law code and I'm not sure I've pulled it off, so I'll see what the next batch look like and then decide.
Until then here are the 6 completed spear men for your perusal.


  1. They look great - I think the colors are muted enough to show they aren't the nobility, yet still warriors. Very nicely done. Dean

  2. The muted colours look good. I have always found it difficult deciding how much colour to put on Hittites. The chariot crews brighter colours will stand out well if that is your plan.