Friday, 6 June 2014


Or in this case a Marya...
Another Nobel Chariot Warrior finished, this guy is armed with a large feather on a pole, he no doubt strikes terror into the heart of his enemies.  He's actually an Egyptian command chariot with a chariot standard, but as there were extensive trade networks, payments of tribute and the spoils of war, therefore I don't think it's unreasonable that a Marya in an Egyptian style would find his way into the retinue of a Canaanite king.

I've tried to paint the eyes of the crew on this one, with varying success, but I'll keep at it, for the chariots at least.  I have also changed the way I paint the chariot cab instead of fixing the fully assembled chariot to a large base I've started to leave the yoke pole off and fix the cab to a small base.  This allows better access to the cab for a bit of freehand.  It also elevates the cab which I think looks better.  I haven't based him yet as I've ordered some Foundry Egyptian casualties to decorate the base.  
The next chariot "The King" is cleaned up, drilled out and assembled, I want to paint a winged sun disk onto the chariot cab in gold NMM style, the winged sun disk is an ancient symbol associated with divinity and royalty, so if I can pull it off it should look very regal.

A few more plebs 

I've also finished the 20 spearmen, here's a group shot of the 20, these all need basing on DBX bases.

I now have 5 chariots and 60 infantry painted, pretty soon I should be able to start getting some games in.
That's all for now
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  1. Excellent work, love them!

  2. Fantastic! Lovely work on this piece.

  3. Just discovered your blog (and subscribed). Your Canaanites are awesome, great painting and color scheme! My favourite army of ancient times and you do them right.

    I'm also working on a Canaanite army,if you are interested in having a look

    1. Hi,
      I know your Blog, I am a frequent visitor,
      It has been a source of great inspiration to me.
      Keep up the good work!

  4. Stunning painting! Great work.