Friday, 6 June 2014


Or in this case a Marya...
Another Nobel Chariot Warrior finished, this guy is armed with a large feather on a pole, he no doubt strikes terror into the heart of his enemies.  He's actually an Egyptian command chariot with a chariot standard, but as there were extensive trade networks, payments of tribute and the spoils of war, therefore I don't think it's unreasonable that a Marya in an Egyptian style would find his way into the retinue of a Canaanite king.

I've tried to paint the eyes of the crew on this one, with varying success, but I'll keep at it, for the chariots at least.  I have also changed the way I paint the chariot cab instead of fixing the fully assembled chariot to a large base I've started to leave the yoke pole off and fix the cab to a small base.  This allows better access to the cab for a bit of freehand.  It also elevates the cab which I think looks better.  I haven't based him yet as I've ordered some Foundry Egyptian casualties to decorate the base.  
The next chariot "The King" is cleaned up, drilled out and assembled, I want to paint a winged sun disk onto the chariot cab in gold NMM style, the winged sun disk is an ancient symbol associated with divinity and royalty, so if I can pull it off it should look very regal.

A few more plebs 

I've also finished the 20 spearmen, here's a group shot of the 20, these all need basing on DBX bases.

I now have 5 chariots and 60 infantry painted, pretty soon I should be able to start getting some games in.
That's all for now
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