Monday, 28 April 2014

Republican Romans

A few weeks ago I started playing again with the only army I have that survived the recent purge, my Crusader Miniatures Republican Romans.  I bought this army to try Field of Glory in 28mm, but before I'd finished painting it I stopped playing FoG, as I wasn't really enjoying the games. This left me with a part painted army and nothing to play, now Romans are one of those armies that I think all Wargamers should own at some point, so I cracked on with the painting and based it for Warhammer Ancient Battles.  This led to some very unsatisfactory games whereby the only way I could win a game was to column up the heavy infantry on a flank, sprint across the table and start breaking enemy units before the opponent knew what was happening.  So much for the Triplex Acies!
Recently I bought a pre-loved set of DBMM and I've given them a whirl, so far I've had 4 excellent 350pt games, 3 games against the Carthaginians won 2 and lost 1 and 1 game against Pyrrhus of Epirus, where Pyrrhus won a Pyrrhic victory!  All in all I'm very happy with the way the game plays, I can deploy in the Triplex Acies, the Velites actually have a role, the Triarii support the Hastati and Principes instead of just being the best combat troops, the games look right and we get a satisfactory conclusion in 2-3 hours.  It now looks like DBMM is my ancient rule set of choice so I re-based the Romans.

The might of Rome, 400pts plus the Thureophoroi on the left.

The Legions, 2 Roman and 1 Italian allies.
The Numidian Allied Cavalry, who have yet to make it onto the table, but I'm hoping for better performances than with WAB 
The only reason the Thureophoroi made it into the army is because I like to say "Thureophoroi".

These figures were painted quickly, white undercoat, block colour, dip and a bit of highlight and starting to use them again has solved a painting conundrum I've had for a few weeks.  I'd wanted to start playing again but the 2 projects I currently have on the go are not about to be finished any time soon, as I'm going for quality rather than quantity, but using these figures has reignited my "Punic" project.  The Punic plan is to get a morphing army that can be used for Romans' allies and enemies from around the time of the second Punic war/ Macedonian wars.  With this in mind I've been looking at Aventine miniatures excellent miniatures with a view to getting some pike.
That's about it for this post except That if there's anyone in the North East - Sunderland, Newcastle, Durham, Gateshead area who plays DBMM in 28mm and fancy's a game with the Romans, please get in touch and I'm sure we can get something going.


Wound markers for WAB, shield mounted on pennies

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Braganza's Besiegers

Another famous unit of crossbowmen from the city of Miragliano.
This army is starting to look less like a Kislev Army and more like a Dogs of War Army!  Back to more Kislevittes for the next instalment.