Saturday, 22 March 2014

More Oldhammer Marksmen of Miragliano

The latest addition to the Kislev Army, 12 Mercenary crossbow AKA The Marksmen of Miragliano.
Once again I've chosen to use the classic GW livery on these figures, but not quite as dark.  Loads of detail on these figures, so quite time consuming to paint, but well worth the effort.
I had planned on painting one unit per month but I've had a minor problem with my thumb so I couldn't hold a paint brush properly, consequently  I'm a bit behind.  To try to make up the numbers I've started painting Braganza's Besiegers as I thought with all that plate armour and closed helmets they should be quick to finish, but we'll see how that works out, after that I'll paint up some more Winged Lancers or maybe some characters, or maybe something else entirely different.
Thanks for looking