Saturday, 15 February 2014


When it comes to painting miniatures, I have to admit that my first love has always been Citadel Miniatures and with the revival of 3rd Ed WHFB and the growing interest in Oldhammer, I've decided to throw my hat in and start a project that has only been about 20 years in the planning, the often talked about but seldom seen Kislevite army.
First off the painting table is a unit of the famous Kislev Winged Lancers, which I've tried to paint in the classic GW livery.  I used the painting guide for Tzar Boris from the freebie WD Kislev army book (pamphlet?) and it was only when I'd finished painting the blue that I realised it's not actually blue, it's grey, more a greyish blue, than bluish grey.  Then I got some of the sequencing wrong while putting on the paint, so these guys turned into a bit of a chore to finish and I must admit I'm not entirely happy with them, but I am rather pleased with the leopard skin onesies.  The painting is finished apart from shield devices and the banner which I'll do when I get a few more painted, so these guys are still a WIP.


Here's a wizard I painted for a bit of a diversion, the infamous Ivan Bloodblast, he bears a passing resemblance to Ivan Grozny so he'll fit in to the army just fine.  He's not based yet as the base of the figure is bigger than 20 x 20mm so he'll need to go on a unit filler base, but all of the painting is done and I especially like his pet arctic fox.

So that's it for now, see ya next time.