Sunday, 7 December 2014

More Nurgle

Another one of the Old skool Chaos Warriors, this one has a bit of a Harvey 2 Face vibe going on.  I had actually finished with team Nurgle for the time being and have started back on the Hittites.
I painted this one for the Lead Adventure, Future Wars Painting Club 101 Space Oddities Astute reads will have no doubt noticed that our new chum is actually a WHFB figure so not strictly a space oddity, but as with all the Nurgle figures I've painted recently if he ever makes it onto a table it will be in a 40K type environment... and he is holding a gun... and he does have some sort of churgeon type arrangement on his back.

Team Nurgle with their newest recruit.

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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Death Guard

Here's another Nurgle Champion I painted a couple of weeks ago.

 Here is some Death Guard I painted about 20 years ago

And some along with Typhus I painted about 10 years ago

Thanks for looking!

Medieval French

It was my birthday a few weeks ago, so I bought myself a present of a DBM Medieval French army from Museum Miniatures and set myself the challenge of painting it in one day.
Tuesday 14.10.14 Ordered the army
Thursday 16.10.14 Toys arrived
Friday 17.10.14 Cleaned it up and based it
Saturday 18.10.14 Painted it
Sunday 19.10.14 am Stuck the static grass on it
Sunday 19.10.14 pm Soundly thrashed in the first game

So here they are, they won't win any painting competitions but I'm hoping I'll win a few games.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Nurgle Chaos Warrior II

Another Old Skool Chaos Warrior, Fly Head
Creepy eh?

A quick group shot of the latest members of team Nurgle.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Nurgle Chaos Warrior

This time I've painted a Nurgle Chaos Warrior, it's only taken about 15 years to finish the painting.  He was destined to become one of the Possessed in a 40K Death Guard Army, which never really got off the ground.  I decided to take a short break from painting the Biblical Army so I'm painting up stuff I've had lying around for years with no particular plan in mind, tiding up if you will.
Thanks for looking

I think brass metal work works best for Nurgle and I tried a verdigris effect on the brass, this is my first attempt at verdigris and I think it's come out reasonably well.  I've also used a similar pallet to the Nurgle Space Marine but with a bit more contrast, going for a unified look.
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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Death Guard

I took this picture yesterday of a Nurgle Chaos Marine that I bought from ebay a few years ago.

After a new coat of paint, I didn't bother stripping him, here he is today.

I've painted him up as a member of the Death Guard and tried to keep the style a bit Old Skool as befits the figure.
Thanks for looking.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

More Hittite Spear men

Another 6 spear men to swell the ranks.
Sorry for the poor picture quality, I think that improving my photography could be a project for the winter.

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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Hittite Chariot

Following on from my earlier Hittite Chariot WIP, I can now present the (almost) finished article, complete with the promised Egyptian casualty on the base.

Observant readers will no doubt have noticed that I haven't painted the spear points, this was an over sight on my part, Doh! and it hasn't been based yet.  If you care to take a look at my earlier posts showing figures that I have based, you'll notice that no two batches are the same.  This is because I can never remember what colours I've painted them! so what I'm going to do is paint up all the figures then base them all together.

A shot of the painted chariot before assembly.

And finally a few dead and injured Egyptians, the guys are suffering blunt force trauma, mostly because I don't like painting on blood.

Next it's going to be a few more spear men, then I'm going to have a big push on getting all of the Hittite chariots finished.


Sunday, 31 August 2014

Canaanite Contingent

On the 1st of September 2013 I posted the picture below showing everything I had painted for the Biblical army up to that date.  

Well it's been a whole year since I first posted that picture so I thought I would post another picture showing the work in progress as of today 31st August 2014.

As you can see the army has grown to almost 3 times the size of what it was, so while there has been progress, it has been slow, but on the positive I think that the standard of painting has improved considerably, my colour selection has got significantly better and as I have become more fimiliar with the subject I am painting a bit quicker.  
I have also painted up some old GW Empire miniatures for my Oldhammer army and if I had concentrated on the Biblical's I might have had enough figures painted to get a game in.  The plan for the coming year is simple, finish the Biblical's, then paint The Empire.

Thank you for your indulgence.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Hittite Chariot WIP

Just a quick update with a WIP of the first Hittite Chariot.  The horses are finished and the cab is mostly complete.  I've also cleaned up and assembled a couple of other chariots and some Egyptian casualties to decorate the bases.  So there has been a bit of progress, just not much to show ;0)

 Chariot and horses (mostly finished) 

That's it for this instalment I'm afraid more to follow shortly...
Honest Guvnor 

Thursday, 7 August 2014

More Hittite Infantry

Another 6 Hittite spear men, I'm trying to keep them the same but different, these 6 have pale blue robes instead of the pale green and they actually look okay when they are all ranked up together with the greens.  I also tried a bit harder with the eyes and I think that they look better, still not great, but an improvement on the last 6.
Next I'm painting the first of the Hittite chariots, which I'm looking forward to, so much so I might even start it tonight.

Sunday, 27 July 2014


After spending a year in the land of Canaan I finally moved to Ancient Anatolia, the land of the Hittites.
When I first decided to collect a Biblical period army in 28mm it was the Hittites that first drew me in and not just because the minis have a hair line like mine!
I have painted the first 6 spear men in a week or so which is pretty quick for me but I'm not quite sure that they work, I wanted them to look completely different to the Canaanites, I also wanted them to look quite austere as befitting the harsh conditions of their homeland and their strict law code and I'm not sure I've pulled it off, so I'll see what the next batch look like and then decide.
Until then here are the 6 completed spear men for your perusal.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Canaanite King

Hello again, I have to report that there wasn't much painting going on over the past few weeks due to the World Cup being on the telly and I've also made a start on clearing out the garage and decorating it, in preparation for turning it into a workshop, so painting has taken a bit of a back seat.
I have though finished the Canaanite Kings chariot, to lead the Canaanite contingent of the army, and the last 4 Sea People archers, this brings the figure count to 6 chariots and 62 infantry, worth around 145 points in DBMM, or about half an army.

Friday, 6 June 2014


Or in this case a Marya...
Another Nobel Chariot Warrior finished, this guy is armed with a large feather on a pole, he no doubt strikes terror into the heart of his enemies.  He's actually an Egyptian command chariot with a chariot standard, but as there were extensive trade networks, payments of tribute and the spoils of war, therefore I don't think it's unreasonable that a Marya in an Egyptian style would find his way into the retinue of a Canaanite king.

I've tried to paint the eyes of the crew on this one, with varying success, but I'll keep at it, for the chariots at least.  I have also changed the way I paint the chariot cab instead of fixing the fully assembled chariot to a large base I've started to leave the yoke pole off and fix the cab to a small base.  This allows better access to the cab for a bit of freehand.  It also elevates the cab which I think looks better.  I haven't based him yet as I've ordered some Foundry Egyptian casualties to decorate the base.  
The next chariot "The King" is cleaned up, drilled out and assembled, I want to paint a winged sun disk onto the chariot cab in gold NMM style, the winged sun disk is an ancient symbol associated with divinity and royalty, so if I can pull it off it should look very regal.

A few more plebs 

I've also finished the 20 spearmen, here's a group shot of the 20, these all need basing on DBX bases.

I now have 5 chariots and 60 infantry painted, pretty soon I should be able to start getting some games in.
That's all for now
Thanks for dropping by. 

Thursday, 15 May 2014


More from the land of Canaan for this instalment.  Having recently started playing DBMM has given me a spur to get the Biblical's finished so it's been full speed ahead with the Canaanite's.  I'd started to paint 20 spear men and got all of the flesh done but I was rushing them too much and wasn't happy with the results so I dropped down to more manageable 4's for the clothing, weapons and shields which is working much better for me.  I need to base them as DBX elements, which after re-basing the Romans I think works better anyway.  I should have the 20 finished by the end of the week and then it's more chariots.  Maybe

 I must admit I've been struggling with the plain wicker shields, not really knowing how I wanted them to look, if you scroll down a bit to the chariots 2 of the drivers are missing shields because these were wicker.

 Then I thought paint them with stripes, which I think have turned out very well.

Finally 4 more Sea People archers, that I did before Christmas but have just got round to posting.
That's all for now.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Republican Romans

A few weeks ago I started playing again with the only army I have that survived the recent purge, my Crusader Miniatures Republican Romans.  I bought this army to try Field of Glory in 28mm, but before I'd finished painting it I stopped playing FoG, as I wasn't really enjoying the games. This left me with a part painted army and nothing to play, now Romans are one of those armies that I think all Wargamers should own at some point, so I cracked on with the painting and based it for Warhammer Ancient Battles.  This led to some very unsatisfactory games whereby the only way I could win a game was to column up the heavy infantry on a flank, sprint across the table and start breaking enemy units before the opponent knew what was happening.  So much for the Triplex Acies!
Recently I bought a pre-loved set of DBMM and I've given them a whirl, so far I've had 4 excellent 350pt games, 3 games against the Carthaginians won 2 and lost 1 and 1 game against Pyrrhus of Epirus, where Pyrrhus won a Pyrrhic victory!  All in all I'm very happy with the way the game plays, I can deploy in the Triplex Acies, the Velites actually have a role, the Triarii support the Hastati and Principes instead of just being the best combat troops, the games look right and we get a satisfactory conclusion in 2-3 hours.  It now looks like DBMM is my ancient rule set of choice so I re-based the Romans.

The might of Rome, 400pts plus the Thureophoroi on the left.

The Legions, 2 Roman and 1 Italian allies.
The Numidian Allied Cavalry, who have yet to make it onto the table, but I'm hoping for better performances than with WAB 
The only reason the Thureophoroi made it into the army is because I like to say "Thureophoroi".

These figures were painted quickly, white undercoat, block colour, dip and a bit of highlight and starting to use them again has solved a painting conundrum I've had for a few weeks.  I'd wanted to start playing again but the 2 projects I currently have on the go are not about to be finished any time soon, as I'm going for quality rather than quantity, but using these figures has reignited my "Punic" project.  The Punic plan is to get a morphing army that can be used for Romans' allies and enemies from around the time of the second Punic war/ Macedonian wars.  With this in mind I've been looking at Aventine miniatures excellent miniatures with a view to getting some pike.
That's about it for this post except That if there's anyone in the North East - Sunderland, Newcastle, Durham, Gateshead area who plays DBMM in 28mm and fancy's a game with the Romans, please get in touch and I'm sure we can get something going.


Wound markers for WAB, shield mounted on pennies