Friday, 29 November 2013

More Canaanites this month starting with a Light Chariot

When I started to paint this one I was thinking about a vassal king, hence the gold yoke, but I hadn't been painting long when I realized this wasn't a king.  'e's just some geezer.  Init.  Who 'as blinged up 'is ride, an' it's sic.  Init.  So still wanting a king I painted the warrior on the armoured chariot and thought this is more like it. 

This one took fair while to paint and I took a break and painted 6 archers part way through.

I'm not sure that this guy is a king either, but it's an improvement and may be the start of a Royal squadron.  I'm currently painting a few more archers and I have a couple more light chariots cleaned up ready to prime.  This will be the last post for a while as photographing the figures can get a bit difficult during the short winter days, so I'll take this opportunity to offer you all Seasons Greetings and a Happy New Year.