Sunday, 1 September 2013

I've had this blog for a while now and I haven't really given a lot of thought to it, usually I just posted pictures of what I been painting with a bit of blurb about what it was.  I've had a rethink and decided that I want to give the blog more structure, making it easier to navigate and I as well as posting pictures current painting projects also want to post photos of finished projects, most of which have now been redeployed across the globe via eBay.

Currently the main painting project is a Biblical Army, a term which is vague at best, so please let me explain.  When I start a new painting project it is driven by the figures, I like paint nice figures and I'm not concerned about games, rules and army lists at this stage in the procedure and while I like my historical figures to look right I'm not a slave to historical accuracy, I prefer to think of my painting as more Hollywood than Historical.  So bearing this in mind I bought a Foundry Syro- Canaanite Army a few years ago because they're nice figures, Canaan was, as far as I could tell where most of the action took place during the Biblical era and most armies of the age either fought with or against Syro- Canaanites in one form or another.

Lords Of the Bridle.
First up are 2 Maryannu Chariots.

The Maryannu formed a warrior elite and saw service across the region fighting for numerous masters over a long period of history. 

Levies and Militia and Mercenaries

12 Spearmen and 4 slingers
These guys are the farmers and the artisans pressed into service during times strife.  Each one of the spearman has either light armour or a shield, for a little protection.  I don't intend for these to be a unit I plan to have a collection of spearmen who can be mixed and matched as I want.

10 Sea People Peleset archers, probably a little out of place, but I like their hats!

Finally a few group shots.  Overall I was pleased with the way that these have turned out, the only thing I'm not sure about is the standard bearers helmet, maybe looks a bit to much like Esther Williams, but I can live with it.
I've got a few more spearmen and archers cleaned up and undercoated, but I'm going to paint another chariot next.  This time a Canaanite, maybe a lord, someone to act as leader to my embryonic army, who will probably get demoted to the rank of vassal once the army is complete.

Ready for undercoating black, the round shield is for the driver and the Egyptian shield is to decorate the base.  I'm also going to get the Foundry blister of Egyptian casualties to decorate the chariot bases, I think the 2 chariot bases I've all ready completed are a little to bare, so I'm going to start introducing battlefield debris onto the bases.

Showing the harnesses and the drivers hand drilled out read for the reins.

Well that's it for the improved blog, Hope you like it.
Thanks for visiting and come back soon!